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Our advantageUpdated a year ago

Higher Quality Products

HipHopBling.com focuses on quality and value, not just price. 

We want your jewelry to look nice when you wear it. 

HipHopBling uses state of the art manufacturing techniques to deliver you a higher quality product efficiently to cut costs. 

The end result of the HipHopBling way is superior hip hop jewelry that you can be proud to wear. 

At HipHopBling.com we believe in giving you the best value as a customer.

Larger Selection

HipHopBling takes pride in offering the best selection of hip hop jewelry.

You can find thousands of styles of Hip Hop Chains, Grillz, Iced Out Earrings, Bling Bling Pendants (Large and Mini), BlingBling Rings, HipHop Bracelets, Bling Watches, and Wrist-wear.

Stronger Reputation

HipHopBling.com Website has been in Business since March 2003, with the owner being in the Jewelry business since 1999.

HipHopBling has collaborated with numerous Hip hop artists and pro athletes over the years. 

On YouTube you can find tens of thousands of real customer reviews dating back over 10 years (Just Search HipHopBling Review). 

We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

We have seen many 'competitors' come and go over the years, but HipHopBling.com keeps getting stronger with every year.

Safer Shopping

HipHopBling.com uses state of the art secure servers to ensure your information is safe when placing your order.

We are McAfee Secure Certified as well as Norton Guaranteed, these are the biggest names in the internet security industry.

On top of all that, we use 256 bit SSL encryption technology to encrypt and decrypt data transferred between your browser and our website server with a 256-bit long encryption key. 

This is considered to be most secure technique till date, it is used in SSL and AES alike.

Faster Shipping

HipHopBling.com Ships most orders same day using USPS Priority Mail and First Class Mail. 

Our customers over the years have been amazed how fast they get their orders. 

Order today and get your order in as little as 2-4 business days (within the USA).

Dedicated Shopping

HipHopBling.com can be reached 24/7 via live chat, email and Phone 866-332-4423 Monday-Friday 10am-5pm EST.

For quickest response times, and an unparalleled experience, please fill out our contact form by clicking here.

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