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Stock availabilityUpdated a year ago

The item I want is out of stock. Can I pre-order?

Sorry but at this time we do not offer pre-orders.

Please fill out the "Notify me when available" form on the product page with your email so we can restock the item ASAP for you, and let you know before everyone else as soon as its back in stock and ready for purchase!

How often are items restocked?

Restocking times vary depending on the item you're after, and the demand associated with that product.

We are constantly restocking the hottest products.

Why do you limit quantities for certain products?

Some items quantities are limited due to the exclusive experience we desire to provide for our best customers.

Depending on the item, we may only stock a few pieces so you will never run into someone else rocking the exact same piece of jewelry as you.

With that being said, order your favorite pieces ASAP so you don't miss out on those fresh new pieces that will help you level up your look.

We offer several Buy Now Pay Later programs so you can get the jewelry you deserve today, without risking it selling out and never coming back.

I want to exchange but the size / material is out of stock. Can I choose a different size / material?

Please reach out to us via Phone, Live Chat on our website, or via Email so we can work on this exchange request for you.

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